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Software Development

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The Behringer X-touch is a great controller for the XR8 in a live situation. To be able to have real motorized faders is a big plus.

But you still need a screen to see what you're doing. The X-AIR-Edit app from Behringer is the ideal tool for this. Especially if you run it from a Raspberry Pi.

But it has one major issue. Both X-AIR-Edit and the X-Touch opearte independently and they do not see what the other is doing.

This means that for example if you hit EQ on the X-Touch, the screen remains static and does not follow.

Here comes the X-Air-Control app to the rescue. It detects the buttons you press on the X-touch and controlls the screen of the X-AIR-Edit app.

Now the X-Touch really controls your mixer!

Check out this video, to see what I mean: